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Cari Stregacci,

ci piace ricordarvi che i Circle of Witches sono anche su Spotify. Aggiornate le vostre playlist e ascoltate i nostri brani quando avete fame di doom, heavy metal o in generale di ispirazione. Attualmente è presente solo Natural Born Sinners ma stiamo per mettere un altro po’ di cose interessanti. Quindi non avete che clickare su FOLLOW CIRCLE OF WITCHES e alzare il volume al massimo.

Dear Witchered,

we like to remember Circle of Witches is on Spotify. Update your playlists and listen to our songs whenever you’re hungry for doom, heavy metal or inspiration in general. Natural Born Sinners is the only one on the platform, up to now, but we’re dealing to put on other stuff. So you must click on FOLLOW CIRCLE OF WITCHES and pump up the volume.

Da dove ci leggete?

Cari stregacci,

Ci pensavo da un po’ ed ho analizzato i flussi per un po’ di tempo. Come band italiana la maggioranza schiacciante del nostro pubblico è in Italia, almeno stando ai dati che ci restituisce wordpress. Volevo ringraziare quanti in questi anni (quasi 19) ha seguito i Circle of Witches, dentro e fuori i confini dello stivale, quanti dall’estero hanno ascoltato e acquistato la nostra musica, ci hanno contattati per concerti e festival, ci scrivono.

Almeno da qui, sperimenterò una comunicazione mista, per radicare la fan base italiana senza chiaramente perdere presa su quella straniera.

Non fate mancare i vostri suggerimenti, mi raccomando…

Sinceramente vostro Stregone

Mario HELL Bove

I was thinking about this and then I’ve checked data flood several times. As we are an Italian band, the great majority in our audiance is from Italy, along to the wordpress stats results. I wish to thanks everyone who followed Circle of Witches during these years (almost 19), in and outside the “boot” country, those forein people who listened to and bought our music, get a contact to hire us for concerts and festival.

Here, I’ll try a mixed communication to thiken our Italian fan base roots, obivious avoiding losing our grip on the foreign one.

Don’t miss to send your suggestions

Sincerely your Sorcerer

Mario HELL Bove

Come back to burn!

Dear Witchered,

It’s been so long since I wrote. I encontered some troubles to log in and recover the access but I don’t want to bother you with any tech complaint.

You can easly figure out a lot of sh*t occured meanwhile in our life, those among you who follow our fb page know. Anyway apologise me for being so unpolite to you.

Long story short: the plague broke our legs and shortened our breath, not just literally. I had to renew totally the line up as life goes on and everyone needs to turn the page and write his own story. So Joey left the band and moved to North Italy, finding a new job landscapes. So it was for Claudio (latest second guitar) and Tony (bassplayer and back voice).

As I am the founder, the face, the heart, the brain and the soul of Circle of Witches, I didn’t give in and keep on fixing and playing. I’ve dedicated the longest part of my life up to now to this band and I can’t do anything else. It would be unfair to the destiny I’ve planned.

I fel into a deep state of dark depression. Once again. My “shadow sister” blinded my sight of future and I walked as through fog and mist, with a short breath and lack of strenght. I couldn’t find any reason both to play and put myself into silence. This band was phisically away from stage for almost three years. We lost thrice a European tour we planned and postponed. Twice for pandemia restrictions and the latter because of general costs rising.

At the very surface, I pushed this machine forward, giving every single drop of my energy, with no thought about the future and focused just upon the present and all troubles to resolve. But I was totally dead inside. No one single note gave me joy and satisfaction.

I was always able to arrange new gigs along with our agency, finding every time new elements to fill the line up, so I could fulfill the most of shows we were proposed to. Even my personal (failure) life changed a lot, with new job, new house, new daily timetable and priorities, always influenced by the Band.

Several times, I’ve changed my mind about the next Circle of Witches chapter. I admit, I’m so emotive and I can’t (won’t) be different. The plan is still to complete the pentalogy about natural elements. Earth (Rock the Evil) and Fire (Natural Born Sinners) are done, now it’s time to move on. Before the quarantine, I started to compose music and write lyrics about the Death topic, I went too much far deep into bad feelings and depression did the rest. I was totally imprisoned behind a kind of gloomy cage that seriously mined my mental health. I had to stop to recover and find a strong motivation to keep on breathing.

I’m writing this not because I found it, but I feel myself out that cage, even dirty of a black, stinky mud and that’s good enough. I think now I’m just starting to get used to this state of things, maybe this is even worst. The time will see…

Anyway, on the next posts, I’m going to show you the new line up and give you some hints about our plans.

I thank you to share this heavy weight.

Sincerely yours

Mario HELL Bove


Dear Witchered,
We suggest visiting our new BANDCAMP PAGE to grab your NATURAL BORN SINNERS album, official t-shirts, and all merchandise.

All bands are suffering because of the plague quarantine and several restrictions on live shows. We still don’t know exactly when we will be able to tour. We are managing some festivals, but there is nothing yet before Spring 2021. It’s really a mess…

Your best way to help music is to stay aside bands you like, buy music or merch and wait for the hell to be released on stage in a hopefully near future.

Stay tuned for updates, take care.



It’s online the third single from “Natural Born Sinners” album. The song talks about Lucifer seen as Prometheus who brings the light of intellect to all mankind, giving them the power to reshape the creation with Arts and Science.

Francesco Saverio Ferrara, skilled ink master, created a visual concept about Lucifer raising the army for the final battle against heaven. The animation is by Luigi Guarino, a talented VFX designer.


Dear Witchered,

NOW IT’S TIME TO MEET OUR NEW GUITARISTClaudio Cirillo! He is the brand new witch entering the Circle for the next gigs we’re planning.

Claudio is a young and talented axeman living in Pompei, the ancient Roman city buried by Vesuvius. The fire burns fiery through his veins as he follows the path under the sign of Zakk Wilde and Randy Rhoads. He had some experiences in local bands, a Bachelor’s degree in modern guitar and a lot of enthusiasm.

He’s playing with us since November, making a shift with Joe Dardano, but now he’s officially on board. Cheer him and scream aloud fo CLAUDIO “THE CROW” CIRILLO!

Claudio Crow


Dear Witchered,

Proudly we say “Natural Born Sinners” is receiving really good reviews. The first positive effect is that our community is increasing its number of fans. The second is that today we had amazing news from our management… WE WILL PLAY IN A CONCERT WITH COVEN!! (Yeah, right THOSE Coven!!) We will join their “Magickal Chaos Tour 2019” on 26th July in Rome, along with Demon Head, Zippo and many more bands during the “South of Heaven Fest“. We can’t wait for it!!

We thank Morrigan Promotion, Etrurian Legion Promotion, Kamelia Production

20190726 Coven


Dear witchered,

NATURAL BORN SINNERS is going to hit 21st May. We released the second lyric video single, the track dedicated to GIORDANO BRUNO.

Perchance you who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it.…” These were almost the words Giordano Bruno said to the ecclesiastic jury at the end of the process when he was condemned to arson as a heretic.

He was killed by the Catholic Inquisition in 1600 in Rome because he refused to renounce his thoughts and books, claiming the unity of God with Nature. Bruno was a priest, magician, philosopher and a man of literature, one of the brightest mind of the past. The fire wasn’t his requiem but the enlightenment of his words, giving them as a heritage to centuries.

As Circle Of Witches belongs to the same land from South Italy, the band lived in the places who inspired Bruno’s views on Mother Nature, stepped onto the soil he used to walk centuries ago and had the same feelings watching the mountains, the rivers and the skies he saw before. This is a tribute to his strength, freedom, and courage, his fighting against the Church until the end. He was a true revolutionary man.

Produced by: Stefano Mastronicola
Original artwork by: Nikos Markogiannakis


Dear witchered,

we blow upon fifteen candles for our anniversary. Circle of Witches was born in 2004, during the night of Imbolc and composed the very first songs a few days before the Ostara sabbath. From the beginning, we were in connection with Nature and all creativity She suggested to us.

We decided to celebrate this 15th year with something unusual, an acoustic concert modeled upon the mid-’90s MTV shows. We planned to shoot some video so you’ll see and listen to the results very soon.

Ostara - J Gehrts