Some of you already know, we were born in March nine years ago. Long time passed, some trends went down (with their followers), some other gained fans from all over the world. We developed our sound, splitted up with friends, made noise with metalkids but we’re still hungry for adrenaline, dBs and broken strings… and beer of course!

We’re not tired at all after long time spent in the reharsal room, driving forthousands miles to play gigs for free! We still feel young enough to enjoy music (even though we’re not so young…), we’re still strong enough to face liars, jelous people, thieves, bastards & bitches of every kind we wasted our time with!

We found some new friends, keep the old and raised up something like the core of a family. The Circle is still here, spinning good, making rock to shake you ’till the bones and spanking hard your ass. We renewed this website during our birthday while we’re going to start an other adventure and bet on our rock. But… Hush, it’s still a secret!


Nine Years of HnR