We proudly announce Circle of Witches joined Gabriel Management, active in the Middle Europe zone. The group will push Circle of Witches for a three months media campaign. Metal bands like Crystal Viper, Sabaton, Sacred Steel or Wizard are already in the GM’s rooster and play in some of the most important European metal festivals.

from Gabriel Management website

Do you like your music to be dirty, loud, straight and powerful? Then better remember this name: Circle Of Witches! The band was formed in Salerno, Italy, in 2004, and except releasing several demos and debut album in 2007, managed to play hundreds of club and festival shows. Imagine the following mixture: lyrics about magic, urban legends, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, influence of acts such as Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Kyuss and Fu Manchu, and an ultimate raw energy and die hard attitude – so you will know what to expect. Stage is these three guys’ natural environment, so if you show up at their live show, you can be sure their sweat will make the floor slippery, and the amplifiers will reach its peak. Now, shortly after mini tour during which Circle Of Witches played in Italy, Austria and England, the band closed down doors to their rehearsal room, where they work on new, full lenght studio album, which will be recorded this summer! So, are you happy with the new Grand Magus album? Can’t wait for the new Black Sabbath record and tour? Good. If you like these two, remember that there is new band for you on the horizon. Circle Of Witches, bringers of Hell ‘n’ Roll!