Dear witchered,

Here’s Mario. This week ends with a news I was surprised to receive. Joe Caputo, my collegue and co-founder of Circle of Witches, left the band. Here’s his short last message.

Hello eveybody, this is Joe Caputo, bassplayer and co-founder of Circle of Witches.
Today I made the decision of leaving the band.
From now on I am no longer Circle of Witches bass player.
I decided to part ways from the band after 13 years for personal reasons and to dedicate myself to new projects focusing completely on my carrer as a bass player.
I wish the members of Circle of Witches all the best and much success in their lives.

I totally respect Joe’s wishes even I’m trying to understand his change of mind. We didn’t talk so much about this situation beside a couple of messages in the afternoon of last Wednesday. So I still don’t know exactly what happened and what to think about… But I wish all the best for his life, projects and music.

One thing is clear in my mind: CIRCLE OF WITCHES DON’T GIVE IN. I’ve already met new bassplayers and very soon we’ll schedule some rehearsals. We don’t want waste too much time. ¬†Something positive is also moving behind NATURAL BORN SINNERS.

So keep in touch, some news are coming soon.