Come back to burn!

Dear Witchered,

It’s been so long since I wrote. I encontered some troubles to log in and recover the access but I don’t want to bother you with any tech complaint.

You can easly figure out a lot of sh*t occured meanwhile in our life, those among you who follow our fb page know. Anyway apologise me for being so unpolite to you.

Long story short: the plague broke our legs and shortened our breath, not just literally. I had to renew totally the line up as life goes on and everyone needs to turn the page and write his own story. So Joey left the band and moved to North Italy, finding a new job landscapes. So it was for Claudio (latest second guitar) and Tony (bassplayer and back voice).

As I am the founder, the face, the heart, the brain and the soul of Circle of Witches, I didn’t give in and keep on fixing and playing. I’ve dedicated the longest part of my life up to now to this band and I can’t do anything else. It would be unfair to the destiny I’ve planned.

I fel into a deep state of dark depression. Once again. My “shadow sister” blinded my sight of future and I walked as through fog and mist, with a short breath and lack of strenght. I couldn’t find any reason both to play and put myself into silence. This band was phisically away from stage for almost three years. We lost thrice a European tour we planned and postponed. Twice for pandemia restrictions and the latter because of general costs rising.

At the very surface, I pushed this machine forward, giving every single drop of my energy, with no thought about the future and focused just upon the present and all troubles to resolve. But I was totally dead inside. No one single note gave me joy and satisfaction.

I was always able to arrange new gigs along with our agency, finding every time new elements to fill the line up, so I could fulfill the most of shows we were proposed to. Even my personal (failure) life changed a lot, with new job, new house, new daily timetable and priorities, always influenced by the Band.

Several times, I’ve changed my mind about the next Circle of Witches chapter. I admit, I’m so emotive and I can’t (won’t) be different. The plan is still to complete the pentalogy about natural elements. Earth (Rock the Evil) and Fire (Natural Born Sinners) are done, now it’s time to move on. Before the quarantine, I started to compose music and write lyrics about the Death topic, I went too much far deep into bad feelings and depression did the rest. I was totally imprisoned behind a kind of gloomy cage that seriously mined my mental health. I had to stop to recover and find a strong motivation to keep on breathing.

I’m writing this not because I found it, but I feel myself out that cage, even dirty of a black, stinky mud and that’s good enough. I think now I’m just starting to get used to this state of things, maybe this is even worst. The time will see…

Anyway, on the next posts, I’m going to show you the new line up and give you some hints about our plans.

I thank you to share this heavy weight.

Sincerely yours

Mario HELL Bove