DISCOGRAPHY (a very complete list)

2019 “Natural Born Sinners” Full Length (SLIPTRICK RECORDS)
2019 “Giordano Bruno” single lyric video (from Natural Born Sinners)
2018 “Tongue of Misery” single lyric video (from Natural Born Sinners)
2017 “Dead in Time” Sound Track (Plaza Mayor Company, Ltd.)
2014 “Rock The Evil” Full Length (METAL TANK RECORDS)
2012 “Casa Lavica Session 2012” 3 live video recording in studio
2011 “Southern Wolves Strike Again (Lycans Are Back!)” single
2011 “Damage a Trois” Ep pt1 (reiusse)
2009 “Damage A Trois” Ep pt2 (label promo)
2008 “Damage A Trois” Ep pt1 (SOLD OUT)
2008  “Kill the City vol 5” complilation USA
2007 “Holyman’s Girfriend” Full Length (Self Prod.)
2007 “Holyman’s GirlfrienZ” 3 songs single
2005 “Waiting the Sabbath”, live bootleg (SOLD OUT)
2005 “In the Loving Memory of Gattaz” video cd (SOLD OUT)

Circle of Witches 2004-2019

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