Diary of a Sinner

Jan 27th 2016

First guitar and songs’ structure is done! Mario worked hard and slow on his Les Paul giving the first line for the rest of instruments. The rest of the day was given to drums. Joey finished early his job playing fast, precise and with the right strenght.

Jan 26th 2016

Morning was dedicated to guitar while afternoon and evening to the first drum session. Our crew is formed by Alex Azzali, Carlo Meroni and Andy Testori, three shifting sound tech at the mix. Along with them Nicholas Barker, who gave us some precious advices for guitars, harmony and drums, of course. When we were younger and we used to listen to Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Brujeria or Testament album and live, never thought we could meet and work with their drummer. Life can be really amazing!


Jan 25th 2016

After a couple of days warming up, we felt more comfortable with studio life. Alpha Omega Studio has an apartment in the same bulding. We could wake up and go recording without taking off our pijamas. It’s the best accomodation we could get. We have a daily routine: the one who is going to play, wakes up at 9am o’ clock, prepares coffee for all, has breakfast, toilette and than straight to studio. After breakfast, slowly, other band members usually take care of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Then, one or two join studio crew while the other goes to buy food at the market. Yes, even rockstars can be “housewives”…



Jan 24th 2016

Day off. Today we just took a ride aroung Como. It’s a small but beautiful city. Here we met our friend Luca Princiotta, guitarist from Doro, and had hot chocolate chatting about his musical activity. Then… Beer all night long. What else!?


Jan 23rd 2016

Second day dedicated to guitars. Other 3 songs added to check list. We managed to take on board Nicholas Barker as co-producer. His experience could be very useful to us during the recording session but also for the rest of our career. He listened and entered silently into our songs, giving us some advices and tricks about arrangiaments. But we can’t live just for work… At evening we took some beers with our stuff. Someone get drunk, some other just sat laughing while people were singing and shouting. Really a nice time.


Jan 22nd 2016

Today we were busy in first guitar’s recording. At very first impact it was not a simple job, but Mario overcame at last. Almost 3 of 9 songs are done. Playing, tuning strings, following the beat, looking forward to other stuff to fix. Meanwhile weather around Como lake is quite cold and wet for southern people… We had to keep higher and tighter the stove. Sometimes even witches like fire…


Jan 21st 2016

We started to work early in the morning, listening to demo version on our songs with Alex and our special guest Nicholas. We planned some changes about structures and beat speed. We also discussed about the recording plan and eventually met Alex’s tech Carlo, one of the three we are going to work with during this session. Than we had an evening party to raise enthusiasm and welcome the crew.


Jan 20th 2016

Life ain’t easy for rockers but it can be alway exciting. We travelled to Como in about 9 hours and finally met our manager and producer Mr. Azzali. He brought us a huge surprise… Nicholas Barker from Ancient. Yeah, he himself! We can’t believe it! We had a very nice conversation, we talked about his experience in the music business as tour manager, producer and, of course, as drummer in bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Brujeria. Often people are not like you can expect to be and this is the case for Mr. Barker. Despite of his tough appereance, he’s greatly humble, kind and friendly. Really a great honour talking with him and make him taste some original Italian pasta with a lot of garlic…


Jan 19th 2016

To whom it may concerns,

these few pages witness works for TRUE BORN SINNER conjuration. We’ll try to update as frequent as possible this diary. The journey begins and the end is far from here. We got about ten days from thursday to accomplish the ritual. Tomorrow we’re going to leave home to Como…


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