Frequently Asked Questions…

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1. Why circle of WITCHES and you’re all men?
Hmm… And what about Queen, QOTSA or Alice Cooper!?

2. Why do you sing in English even if you are coming from Italy?
It’s just because we grew up listening to Usa/Uk rock and metal. We are used to listening to English lyrics but also because English is more comfortable for rhythmic singing. Italian is too melodic. Last, but not least, English can be easily understood out of Italy…

3. What are your main musical influences?
It’s hard to remember all, as we changed our style and everyone in the Circle has a different musical background. However Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Candlemass, Grand Magus, Kyuss.

4. What do your lyrics talk about?
e like to draw stories not just putting words together in a stream of consciousness. Our themes can be taken from all ancient mythologies, literature, philosophy, religion and paganism, occultism, anthropology, personal matters and rock ‘n’ roll way of life. We try to express several meanings under the very surface of verses.

5. What the claim “Hell ‘n’ Roll” stands for?
Hell ‘n’ Roll is our personal way to define our music.  We like to play loud and heavy with a strong r’n’r attitude, used to evil sounds. We like to think this is the music Mr. Lucifer likes to listen to when he drinks his old brand whiskey.

666. Are you Satan’s worshippers?
No, we don’t have any kind of religious belief. We are intellectually against every kind of religious “party”. No matters if you are christian, muslim, jew, hinduist, pagan, satanist, rastapharian… We don’t trust any religion, do not follow churches or old beard saint as we believe in freethinking, respect of life and all kind of human. But… Sure Satan could be a good company to discuss music, philosophy, and paintings.

7. Why someone would listen to your music?
It’s quite simple… Because it’s cool & loud!

8. Can you tell us a very notable matter about C.o.W.’s activity?
Our after shows are often grotesque. Once in Russia, we were invited to a very important motorcycle club’s party. There were a lot of guns, soldriers, hot chicks with their men, gallons of vodka, drunk and though people, fire and high up politicians. Around a thousand guys having fun. We talked lovely, get drunk and off… Still don’t know how we get the hotel, but the next day we knew we were in front of two wheels mercenaries and someone said we were really lucky to come back safe.

During one other show in Austria, we improvised a “new” song dedicated to all our Austrian friends. It was titled “Snitzel & Gulash”. That’s because during that tour over there we really enjoyed their food and typical dishes.


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