Dear sinners,

our “Rock the Evil” song is enlisted into the American motion picture soundtrack DEAD ON TIME. The action movie directed by RISH MUSTAINE features MICHAEL MADSEN and the US wrestler COLT CABANA. The soundtrack was composed and selected by MARCO WELBA & LUIGI FERRI and released on digital market.

The plot is set during the “Arabic sping” where a Clandestine American Military Agency, ‘Black Halo’, is forced to move a vital asset out of the warzone in Amrakistan. Mike McGuirk (Michael Madsen) sends in a Black-Ops team led by Segar (Michele Ghersi) to securely extract Moshin Dewar (Mohamed Zouaoui) and his newest invention. Moshin sensing something is not right, escapes Segar by jumping out of a flying plane. Using his device to survive, he literally falls into the clutches of a slave mining magnate, Anwar the Butcher (Benbadra Afif), now holding Moshin for trespassing on his land and destroying one of his vehicles. Segar fails in to negotiate with Anwar. McGuirk under extreme pressure from his superiors who fear he is losing control of the situation, switches to Plan B…

The movie will be distributed worldwide, so look for it in your cinema!

Official Trailer

Dead on Time motion picture


Next Monday, February the 3rd, Circle of Witches video of Rock the Evil single will be out for the first time on the american web tv site and youtube channel BLANK TV and will exclusively feature it for 72 hours. A huge result for us!

Stay tuned on next Monday!!!!



VIDEOCLIP SHOOTING’s gone! We did a very kind job with Francesco Paglioli & his staff Claudio Autuori, Nadir Cossa, Francesco Petrone. We can’t wait to see the result.

Meanwhile we wanna show our everlasting gratitude to the following people who took part of ROCK THE EVIL video:

Bianca Gerundo, Andrea Avagliano, Daniela De Martino, Carlo Roselli, Marina Fischetti, Martina Macolino, Gabriele Gambaro, Donato De Nicola, Silvesterone Giordano, Vincenzo De Stefano, Silvestro Giordano, Jessica Campanella, Giandomenico Martorelli, Vincenzo Rossini, Ciro Manzi, Antonio Macolino, Flora Lambiase, Valerio Iannelli, Emilio Dicerbo, Roberto Policastro, Rosario Reina.

Here the backstage photo session.

IMG_2918 IMG_2935 IMG_2945 IMG_2950 IMG_2960


Circle of Witches are next to shoot the first videoclip from “ROCK THE EVIL” album for promotion. They choose the title track to make the video, directed by Francesco Paglioli, chief manager of the CLEVER PRODUCTION. Cameras will start their work at the end of December in a stage next to Salerno with a crew of about thirty people, actors and production staff.

ROCK THE EVIL videoclip is scheduled for February 2014, just before the album release date. It will be spread worldwide by METAL TANK RECORDS to push the album. This is the second videoclip experience for Circle of Witches in the last years of activity.

“We can’t wait to put our ugly faces on video. We’ll try to do something like old style horror movie” said Mario, the lead singer of the trio.

2013-03 Photo Session Cava 02

photo by Jack Maffia