Dear Witchered,

we uploaded some new live show from our latest gig in Avellino and Russia. You can see them by clicking on at the VIDEO PAGE.


ph. by Evgeniy Stukalin



Dear witchered,

we’ve arranged a video shooting for our next gig in Avellino at Black House Blues. Very special disconts will be provided for those who buy our t-shirt before the concert. See you in the land of wolves…



We wanna thank fans form Salerno and neighbour who shouted at us during our last glorious gig in our city. We never saw so many metalheads here in a metal concert and we really appreciated your enthusiasm. HERE you can step into some photos made by Antonio Dereviziis and Denise Caravano

We wanna thank Mumble Rumble for hosting the concert, our friends Pàrados and Shipwrecked who helped us in rising such a thrashing crowd. Maybe not everything went lost in our country…

We also have good news for the upcoming album. Our producer is close to the end of the mixing phase. Stay tuned for updated and be witchered!

video by Denise Caravano


Dear Witchered,

we were very busy during this Summer. After coming back from Germany, we received some proposals for shows. We played at three festivals in the Suth of Italy gathering great interest and enthusiasm.

At the very end of Summer, we had a trip to north for nice a stoner festival and had a little accident. Our Ricko bass went into pieces falling out of the car’s top box. Anyway, we had a great show that night.

Are you waiting for our next album? Yeah! Mixing process started and is going on slowly meanwhile our producer is contacting some big labels… We think something is going to happen on the next January or February! Stay tuned for updates!



Dear witchered,

we’re ready to play at METAL FRENZY Festival on June 16th in Gardelegen, Germany, sharing the stage with bands like DECAPITATED and DARK TRANQUILLITY. As we’re going into the metal heart of Europe, we thought about a special gift: FREE SHIPPING COSTS FOR ALL GERMAN people until that date! Just contact us for our official merchandise at commercial [AT] circleofwitches [DOT] com

Meanwhile, the last recording session of our forthcoming album is almost completed. Just fixing the last vocal harmony (and fighting with work and everyday life not related to band…) and the mixing process will start!

Some news will follow… For the moment, SPREAD THE GERMAN WEEK!!


german flag


Dear friends,
Things are going crazy after Russian gigs! Once more, thank you all for all pics, messages and the kind appreciation. Please follow our fb page for breaking news

Дорогие друзья,
Дела идут с ума после российских концертах! Еще раз спасибо всем для всех фотографии, сообщения и добрым удовлетворением. Пожалуйста, следуйте нашу страницу FB для новостей

20151024 CoW


Dear witchered,

the time has come for Circle of Witches to come back in Russia! After a stunning experience with DORO in Moscow, proudly we announce we’re going to play twice as opening act at U.D.O.‘s live show in Russia. Concerts will be set on 22nd October in Krasnodar at Arena, and on 24th in Moscow at Glav Club. We can’t wait for it!!

Stay tuned for details. до свидания