Dear Witchered,

New album’s first phase is almost done. We have to add just voices and guitar solos and let our producer listen to the demo version of NATURAL BORN SINNER. Recording session is scheduled for the last weeks of January.

Meanwhile, the Russian Magazine Heavy Music put our thoughts about the last and the new year. We’re really proud to be enlisted along with such bands like Vader, Behemoth, Dark Funeral, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Monspell and many others.

Read this one

This is an encouraging start for this 2016. We wish you all the best for things you’ve planned. Keep healthy, fuck as lot as you can, drink hard and do whatever you want (but do not hurt anyone…).

HAPPY 2016



Dear Witchered,

we’re going to end this amazing 2015 with a new record! Since a month we’re closed down into the rehersal, working harder and harder for the new album titled TRUE BORN SINNER. We planned to record about 9-10 brand new songs, more influenced by NWOBHM than before.

We also officially entered the ALPHA OMEGA roster along with VENOM INC, ANCIENT, M:PIRE OF EVIL, NOCTEM. The deal comes after our succeful Russian gigs we did under the direction of this management, sharing the stage with DORO and U.D.O..

We scheduled the recording of TBS in the very first months of the 2016. Give us your best wishes for all.