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Cari Stregacci,

ci piace ricordarvi che i Circle of Witches sono anche su Spotify. Aggiornate le vostre playlist e ascoltate i nostri brani quando avete fame di doom, heavy metal o in generale di ispirazione. Attualmente è presente solo Natural Born Sinners ma stiamo per mettere un altro po’ di cose interessanti. Quindi non avete che clickare su FOLLOW CIRCLE OF WITCHES e alzare il volume al massimo.

Dear Witchered,

we like to remember Circle of Witches is on Spotify. Update your playlists and listen to our songs whenever you’re hungry for doom, heavy metal or inspiration in general. Natural Born Sinners is the only one on the platform, up to now, but we’re dealing to put on other stuff. So you must click on FOLLOW CIRCLE OF WITCHES and pump up the volume.

Da dove ci leggete?

Cari stregacci,

Ci pensavo da un po’ ed ho analizzato i flussi per un po’ di tempo. Come band italiana la maggioranza schiacciante del nostro pubblico è in Italia, almeno stando ai dati che ci restituisce wordpress. Volevo ringraziare quanti in questi anni (quasi 19) ha seguito i Circle of Witches, dentro e fuori i confini dello stivale, quanti dall’estero hanno ascoltato e acquistato la nostra musica, ci hanno contattati per concerti e festival, ci scrivono.

Almeno da qui, sperimenterò una comunicazione mista, per radicare la fan base italiana senza chiaramente perdere presa su quella straniera.

Non fate mancare i vostri suggerimenti, mi raccomando…

Sinceramente vostro Stregone

Mario HELL Bove

I was thinking about this and then I’ve checked data flood several times. As we are an Italian band, the great majority in our audiance is from Italy, along to the wordpress stats results. I wish to thanks everyone who followed Circle of Witches during these years (almost 19), in and outside the “boot” country, those forein people who listened to and bought our music, get a contact to hire us for concerts and festival.

Here, I’ll try a mixed communication to thiken our Italian fan base roots, obivious avoiding losing our grip on the foreign one.

Don’t miss to send your suggestions

Sincerely your Sorcerer

Mario HELL Bove


Dear sinners,

one again we have to announce a line up changing. Nowadays music can’t be a real job, so our former bassist and lead guitarist had to part their ways from ‘witches in February. They’re now officially replaced by two new members:

Joe WISE MAN Dardano at lead guitar and back vocals
Tony FARAWAY Farabella at bass guitar and back vocals

They had their stage baptism during the last Bones Party edition, near Naples.

Joe played a long time in MARSHALL and HEAVENSHINE, two well-known metal bands in Naples. Tony is a young and very talented musician and plays in our friends’ band 3RD.

This two new members, along with Mario and Joey, will play the next gigs at Agglutination Metal Festival, Malta Doom Metal Festival and the upcoming NATURAL BORN SINNERS EUROPEAN tour in October and November.

Circle of Witches is (from left to right)

Joey HELMET Coppola – drums
Joe WISE MAN Dardano – lead guitar and back vocals
Mario HELL Bove – lead vocals and guitar
Tony FARAWAY Farabella – bass and back vocals

CoW new 2018


Dear sinners,

finally, we released the lyric video of TONGUE OF MISERY, the first single from our upcoming album “Natural Born Sinners“. It’s a blasting song made of heavy metal with a thrashing punch and we chose it as the album’s opening track.

It’s a pamphlet against obscurantism and religions, a rebellion for all free minds and souls. We hope you all join our revolution.


Dear Sinners,

here we are! As announced, this is the Cover Art for our upcoming album NATURAL BORN SINNERS, third full length in our career. It shows an eyeless Lucifer, the first Rebel, the First Sinner, the first to be condemned by god.

We hired for the second time our trustworthy graphic designer Nikos Markogiannakis (ROTTING CHRIST, ANUBIS GATE, DIE SEKTOR), author of the previous Rock the Evil artwork. He built this majestic figure, strong, tormented, dynamic although held down in the flames of Hell by a barbed wire.

We wrote nine new songs following the concept of rebellion dealing with the Fallen Angel or the mage and philosopher Giordano Bruno, from Spartacus to Anton Lavey, until those free spirits cursed and blamed as “witches”.

While we’re looking for a good contract, we are managing promotion strategy and tour in sight of the album’s official release.

Stay tuned for updates!


cover2 copy


Goodbye 2017

Dear Sinners,

we’re going to end up this 2017, our 13th year of heavy metal. This one was a turning point in our life, we overcame some important changes (life itself changes…) and won some struggles.

Finally, we received NATURAL BORN SINNERS final master from our producer. Some things went out of plans such as delays, accidents, misunderstandings, shit… But we didn’t give in, we never stopped our activity because we deeply believe in our music and force.

Uo to now, we got some labels interested in our work. We have some other to get in touch with and soon we’ll be able to deal a contract with the best of them.

Good news even in the live festival scenario. We received a couple of proposals and we’re waiting for the official statement to make you all know what will be our next gigs.

Meanwhile, we wish you all the best for the 2018 and we hope you’ll be still with us on our journey.

Mario HELL Bove & Circle of Witches



Dear sinners,

our “Rock the Evil” song is enlisted into the American motion picture soundtrack DEAD ON TIME. The action movie directed by RISH MUSTAINE features MICHAEL MADSEN and the US wrestler COLT CABANA. The soundtrack was composed and selected by MARCO WELBA & LUIGI FERRI and released on digital market.

The plot is set during the “Arabic sping” where a Clandestine American Military Agency, ‘Black Halo’, is forced to move a vital asset out of the warzone in Amrakistan. Mike McGuirk (Michael Madsen) sends in a Black-Ops team led by Segar (Michele Ghersi) to securely extract Moshin Dewar (Mohamed Zouaoui) and his newest invention. Moshin sensing something is not right, escapes Segar by jumping out of a flying plane. Using his device to survive, he literally falls into the clutches of a slave mining magnate, Anwar the Butcher (Benbadra Afif), now holding Moshin for trespassing on his land and destroying one of his vehicles. Segar fails in to negotiate with Anwar. McGuirk under extreme pressure from his superiors who fear he is losing control of the situation, switches to Plan B…

The movie will be distributed worldwide, so look for it in your cinema!

Official Trailer

Dead on Time motion picture


Dear sinners,

we’re proud to announce our new bass player. He is DANIEL “the WOLF” SHEPARD, already a member of HEIMDALL, power metal combo from Salerno. He was selected among three candidates who replied to band’s calling in June, after the sudden split with Caputo.

Born in 1990, Daniel got several live experiences, strengthened by study and focused listening. His main influences dig into heavy metal classics like JOEY DE MAIO, JOHNNY ROD (W.A.S.P.) and ‘70s rock such as JOHN ENTWISTLE (the WHO) or GEDDY LEE (RUSH)

Say hail to him!




Dear witchered,

Here’s Mario. This week ends with a news I was surprised to receive. Joe Caputo, my collegue and co-founder of Circle of Witches, left the band. Here’s his short last message.

Hello eveybody, this is Joe Caputo, bassplayer and co-founder of Circle of Witches.
Today I made the decision of leaving the band.
From now on I am no longer Circle of Witches bass player.
I decided to part ways from the band after 13 years for personal reasons and to dedicate myself to new projects focusing completely on my carrer as a bass player.
I wish the members of Circle of Witches all the best and much success in their lives.

I totally respect Joe’s wishes even I’m trying to understand his change of mind. We didn’t talk so much about this situation beside a couple of messages in the afternoon of last Wednesday. So I still don’t know exactly what happened and what to think about… But I wish all the best for his life, projects and music.

One thing is clear in my mind: CIRCLE OF WITCHES DON’T GIVE IN. I’ve already met new bassplayers and very soon we’ll schedule some rehearsals. We don’t want waste too much time.  Something positive is also moving behind NATURAL BORN SINNERS.

So keep in touch, some news are coming soon.