Dear witchered,

Here’s Mario. This week ends with a news I was surprised to receive. Joe Caputo, my collegue and co-founder of Circle of Witches, left the band. Here’s his short last message.

Hello eveybody, this is Joe Caputo, bassplayer and co-founder of Circle of Witches.
Today I made the decision of leaving the band.
From now on I am no longer Circle of Witches bass player.
I decided to part ways from the band after 13 years for personal reasons and to dedicate myself to new projects focusing completely on my carrer as a bass player.
I wish the members of Circle of Witches all the best and much success in their lives.

I totally respect Joe’s wishes even I’m trying to understand his change of mind. We didn’t talk so much about this situation beside a couple of messages in the afternoon of last Wednesday. So I still don’t know exactly what happened and what to think about… But I wish all the best for his life, projects and music.

One thing is clear in my mind: CIRCLE OF WITCHES DON’T GIVE IN. I’ve already met new bassplayers and very soon we’ll schedule some rehearsals. We don’t want waste too much time. ¬†Something positive is also moving behind NATURAL BORN SINNERS.

So keep in touch, some news are coming soon.




Dear Witchered,

as promised, let’s introduce our new guitarist VINNIE “the MACE” MAZZONE. He is a young and talented six strings tormentor from Naples. Despite of his young age, he got a wide spread knowledge of classic heavy metal and a good experience in the music scene as member of TERRORFRONT, a thrash metal band. He’s also involved into concerts organization.

We met Vincenzo for the first time some years ago, during our gig in Naples. We closed down into rehersal room at the end of March, set up live show and songs and now we’re ready to play next two concerts in Puglia. We’ll hit the stage of AGGLUTINATION FESTIVAL Warm Up, Bari 12th May, and of METAL ALLIANCE Festival II, Foggia 13th May, along with bands like INSIDIA and STRANA OFFICINA. We will thrash people playing tracks from Rock the Evil and the upcoming NATURAL BORN SINNERS album.

See you under the stage and raise your horns for the MACE!

Vinnie The Mace Mazzone



Dear witchered,

Anthes Aliberti is no longer Circle of Witches guitarist as we parted our ways for personal and artistic reasons. Anthes took this decision in March after reflecting about his role in the band and his music, we discussed a lot and friendly ended our collaboration after almost three years.

We trained some guys and selected one substitute we’re going to officialize on the next week. He (or she!?) will join us for the next AGGLUTINATION Warm Up (12th May) and at he METAL ALLIANCE FEST II.

We wish Anthes all the best for all his new projects, even if not in the metal battlefield.

Stay tuned, ’cause new witch is coming…


ph. by Evgeniy Stukalin


Dear witchered,

we stepped out our 13th Spring. Though being older than a dirty dozen of years, we had a new beginning 5 years ago when we decided to focus on a professional path.

Since 2012 we started to tour in Europe,  signed our first deal with a label, worked with a producer for the first time, recorded the second full lenght, toured in Russia as opening band for Doro and Udo, joined some international festival and still we faced the third album chapter.

We’re are at the top of our enthusiasm and we wanna share it with you all. We wanna invite you to join our friend, fan and us during the next Circle of Witches’ gig in Salerno on the 24th March. We’re going to play as main guest of “Metal of the Southern Star“, along with Wildime and Wolfear. We will show you some brand new songs from the upcoming “NATURAL BORN SINNERS”, our latest album produced by ALEX AZZALI and NICHOLAS BARKER.

See you there.

20170324 CoW @ Salerno.jpg